I was talking with the guys over at Maple tree Inn and they mentioned having traveled to El Salvador for their Honeymoon. So I thought I would share all the Top destinations for El Salvador honeymoons.

El Salvador is a beautiful destination with incredible beaches and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From exploring the volcanoes in Santa Ana, to visiting the Mayan ruins in Joya de Ceren, El Salvador has it all.

One of the most popular honeymoon spots in El Salvador is Playa El Tunco. This beach is known for its crystal clear waters, white sand, and stunning sunsets. It’s also home to some amazing surf spots, making it perfect for couples looking for an adventurous honeymoon experience. If you’re eager for more adventure, head over to La Libertad where you can explore mangrove forests and spot sea turtles!

Be sure to check out the colonial city of Suchitoto while in El Salvador. This small city is filled with art and culture, and is the perfect destination for couples looking to explore more of El Salvador’s history. After a day of sightseeing, relax at one of the nearby hot springs before heading off to your next honeymoon spot.

Another great place to visit on your honeymoon in El Salvador is Lago de Coatepeque. Here you will find the stunning blue-green lake surrounded by lush mountains, making it a romantic and tranquil escape for couples. Take a boat ride around the lake or go swimming in its calm waters—the possibilities are endless!

For an entirely different experience, spend some time in El Imposible National Park. This protected area is home to some of El Salvador’s most incredible natural wonders, including waterfalls, caves, and lush forests. Spend a few days here exploring the park’s many trails and taking in its stunning beauty.

El Salvador also has plenty of great beach destinations ideal for honeymooners. On the east coast you have La Paz and San Miguel where you can find beautiful beaches with soft sand and turquoise waters. If you’re in search of more seclusion, head over to Los Cobanos on the west coast which has plenty of less crowded spots that offer a more private atmosphere.

Finally, don’t miss out on visiting the vibrant capital city of San Salvador. Here you can find some amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, head over to the Cerro Verde National Park for a hike up the mountain for breathtaking views of El Salvador’s countryside.

El Salvador has something for everyone, making it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Central America. With its stunning beaches, lush forests, vibrant cities and plenty of activities to keep couples entertained, El Salvador is sure to make any couple’s honeymoon unforgettable. Start planning your trip today!